Central Venous Catheter Kit

Central Venous Catheter

A central venous catheter (CVC), also called a central line, is a long thin tube, used for venous pressure monitoring, blood sampling, and administration of drugs and fluids over a long period of time; usually several weeks or more. A catheter is often inserted in the arm or chest through the skin into a large vein.

HSI Medical’s CVCs are designed for smooth, comfortable insertion. Our CVCs are made of high-quality thermosensitive and biocompatible materials, which are able to reach high flow rates to achieve adequate dialysis dose delivery in a short duration of time. The HSI Medical ergonomic designed guidewire is made of a sturdy kink-resistant material, providing safe and accurate insertion to the patient.

HSI Medical provides a proven infection risk reduction solution with an effective price. We offer a wide array of catheter lengths, flow rates, as well as customizable kits to efficiently meet your customers’ goals.

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