Medical Supply Chain Management

Medical Supply Chain Management

HSI Medical has been working in international trade for over 10 years. International supply chain management is not for the faint hearted. We know how difficult, complex, time consuming, and costly managing the international supply chain for medical devices can be. To say nothing about the risks involved. Because of our experience, we provide assistance to clients and suppliers throughout the overall supply chain.

We ensure quality, safety, and cost-effective supply chain solutions, so that our clients can focus their time and attention on their core business.

Our supply chain services include, but are not limited to, the following items:

  • International supply chain consultancy and solution design
  • Management of the operation and providing supply chain visibility
  • Origin management including consolidation, vendor management and value added services
  • Logistics and freight management across all modes: road, sea, air, rail, sea air and carrier neutral
  • Paperwork management, including certificates, invoices, packing list, and others
  • Cargo insurance
  • Quality control and pre-shipment inspection
  • Destination management: de-consolidation, port to destination center, and destination center by-pass services
  • Customs services and clearance

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