Syringes & Needles


The combination of a syringe and a needle result in a very important sterile device used to inject solutions into, or withdraw secretions from, a patient’s body. Medical syringes consist of a calibrated glass or plastic hollow cylinder with a plunger at one end and an opening at the other end that attaches to a thin hollow metal tube with a very sharp pointed tip, the needle. The latest versions are “safety” syringes that cannot be reused, thereby eliminating dangerous and sometimes tragic sharing of contaminated medical devices.

HSI Medical offers syringes and needles in an almost endless combination of shapes, styles and sizes for almost every need. Our products are manufactured to meet or exceed all current government standards, while providing high-quality cost-effective solutions to you and your customers.


  • A.V. Fistula needles
  • Acupuncture needles
  • Biopsy needles
  • Bone marrow transplants needle
  • Cannula
  • Drug dispenser needle
  • Fistula needle
  • Huber needle
  • Hypodermic needle
  • Infusion set
  • Injection plug
  • Insulin needle
  • Insulin syringe
  • Irrigation needles
  • Medicine mixer
  • Needle holder
  • Needleless adapters
  • One-time irrigator
  • Oral syringe
  • Safety needle
  • Safety syringe
  • Scalp vein set
  • Seldinger needle
  • Stainless steel cannula
  • Syringes
  • Y needle

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