Prefilled Humidifier

prefilled humidifier

Prefilled humidifier and nebulizer is used to humidify the respiratory gas for patients. It’s mainly used in oxygen therapy, such as oxygen concentrators, gas cylinders or wall gas oxygen outlets via an oxygen mask, tracheostomy mask or nasal cannula. The goal is to prevent drying of the mucous membrane in the nose and mouth, which can lead to pulmonary infection and lung tissue damage.

HSI Medical’s prefilled humidifier comprise of a disposable bottle filled with sterile water and an adapter to convert oxygen gas received together with the sterile water to generate highly humid gas, aerosol or mist to be channeled to the patient.

Our product prefilled humidifier have been shown to decrease the likelihood of contamination when compared to reusable oxygen humidification units.

Product features:

• Various sizes of adapter to cater for different type of flowmeter
• Various types of converters to change the thread size of any type of flowmeter to same thread
• Can be used with unheated or heated humidification, for oxygen humidification or nebulization
• More effective and economical when compared to reusable humidifiers

Prefilled Humidifier

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