Anesthesia & Respiratory


The Respiratory system is a series of organs responsible for taking in oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide. The primary organs of the respiratory system are lungs, which carry out this exchange of gases as we breathe.

Anesthesia is the use of medicine to prevent or reduce the feeling of pain or sensation during surgery or other painful procedures. Given as an injection or through inhaled gases or vapors, different types of anesthesia affect the nervous system in various ways by blocking nerve impulses and, therefore, pain.

HSI Medical’s Anesthesia & Respiratory products are manufactured to meet all current government standards. This is achieved by following best practices fabrication methods, while using high quality materials to provide great results and peace-of-mind to medical practitioners and their patients.


  • Air cushion mask
  • Anesthesia breathing circuit
  • Anesthesia mask
  • Anesthesia needles
  • Anesthesia catheter
  • Anesthesia circuit
  • Anesthesia filter
  • Anesthesia kits
  • Bacterial filter
  • Breathing bag
  • Breathing circuit
  • Catheter
  • Catheter connector
  • Catheter mount
  • Collapsible circuit
  • Combined spinal & epidural anesthesia needle & kit
  • Concentration mask
  • CPAP mask
  • CPR breathing mask
  • Endobronchial tube
  • Endotracheal tube & holder
  • Epidural anesthesia kit
  • Epidural catheter
  • Epidural filter
  • Epidural needle
  • Filter
  • Heat & moisture exchanger
  • HMEF
  • Humidification chamber
  • Humidifying breathing circuit
  • Laryngeal mask
  • Laryngoscope blade
  • Loss of resistance syringe
  • Lumbar puncture needle
  • Medicinal filter
  • Mucus extractor
  • Nasal filter
  • Nasal oxygen cannula
  • Nasal tube
  • Nasopharyngeal airway
  • Nasoscope
  • Nebulizer
  • Nebulizer mask
  • Oro-pharyngeal airway
  • Oxygen bag
  • Oxygen cannula
  • Oxygen catheter
  • Oxygen connector tube
  • Oxygen mask
  • Oxygen tube
  • Peripheral venous catheter
  • Respiratory exerciser
  • Resuscitator
  • Spinal anesthesia kit
  • Spinal needle
  • Tracheal catheter
  • Tracheal tube
  • Tracheobronchial tube
  • Tracheostomy care tray
  • Tracheostomy mask
  • Tracheostomy tube
  • Tracheostomy tube holder
  • Ventilation tube
  • Ventilator circuit

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