Infant NCPAP

Neonatal CPAP

NCPAP (Nasal Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) is the most commonly used mode of non-invasive respiratory support in premature infants and newborns.

CPAP supports baby’s own respiratory effort, providing a way of treating respiratory distress while avoiding the complications associated with invasive ventilation.

HSI Medical’s nCPAP devices are designed to offer maximum comfort for neonates receiving nCPAP or noninvasive ventilation therapy. Soft materials and low noise levels promote the gentlest possible care for neonatal patients.
Prongs, masks and soft bonnets are all available in different sizes to provide an optimal fit.

Product features:

• High patient comfort due to gentle materials and minimal noise levels
• Multiple sizes of masks, prongs and bonnets
• Designed for reduction in breathing effort
• Comfortable fit promoted by flexible connection and adjustable adapter

Infant NCPAP

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