Heat & Moisture Exchanger Filter (HMEF)

HME filter

Heat and Moisture Exchangers (HMEs) use the patient’s own humidity and moisture from exhalation, in order to humidify anesthetic gases during inhalation. As soon as a patient is intubated, the upper airway is bypassed, which leads in a loss of humidification of inhaled air. Dry air can have harmful effects for the patient, therefore to prevent causing trauma to the patient, the hygroscopic HME can be used to play the role of acting as the humidifier in lieu of the respiratory upper airway.

HSI Medical’s HMEF (artificial nose) are equipped with an electrostatic filter as a medium constructed of permanently bipolar charged rectangular split fibers, which are able to capture airborne particles. The nature of this fiber material provides good strength and guarantees a long service life without significant degradation. This type of filter is recommended for applications where high efficiency and low pressure drop is required for mechanically ventilated patients. It offers excellent efficiency for anesthesia breathing filters and pulmonary function filters.

HSI Medical’s HMEF device is a high quality, yet affordable solution for customers. This product line is widely used where reliability and functionality in a highly competitive marketplace are required. We also offer hydrophobic HEPA filters, tubes, connectors and circuits (request more information if interested).

HMEF sizes and specifications

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